QPR should cherish the Championship’s best player

So Rangers have gone and done it, and signed Adel Taarabt.

For months I’ve been asked whether I thought he might end up at QPR. There was never much doubt in my mind that he would.

The bottom line has always been that neither he nor Tottenham were ever likely to get a better offer than the one from Rangers.

Taarabt’s options were limited, partly because he is seen as one to avoid and potentially the cause of problems in the dressing room. That’s not me jumping on any bandwagon – I said so last summer, when he was greeted as a hero and hadn’t yet shown his temperamental side on the pitch.

It’s party why Neil Warnock has always been confident he would be able to sign Taarabt this summer.

Warnock believes he can manage Taarabt and get the best out of him. If he’s right, he will deserve enormous credit . Despite his no-nonsense approach and old-school reputation, Warnock has always accommodated matchwinners. Michael Tonge at Sheffield United being a prime example.

He believes Taarabt’s performances and sudden work ethic towards the end of last season is proof that he can inspire him. The key question is whether that spell was down to Warnock or the fact that a number of European clubs had agreed to send scouts to watch Taarabt, who was desperate for a move to Spain.

We’ll see whether Warnock is the right manager for Taarabt, or whether Rangers have yet again spent big on an overhyped player.

I firmly believe QPR have a genuine Premier League-class playmaker. The real deal. The best player in the Championship bar none, and someone worthy of having a team built around him.

His name is Akos Buzsaky.

6 Responses to QPR should cherish the Championship’s best player

  1. Camel says:

    Great blog.

    Agree 100%.

  2. Caitlin says:

    Fantastic blog and totally agree!

  3. Camel says:

    Any chance of a 20 goal per season striker to follow?

    Chopra, Walters or Campbell?

  4. Ron L says:

    Totally agree. I just hope that Warnock sees how good a player Buzsaky is too and plays him in his best position as an attacking central midfielder. He is the one reliable game changer we have had in years.

  5. BetaCam says:

    Nice blog. Best of all, a place to read rumours that seem to be true 🙂

    As for Buzz, I completely agree. Too bad he’s been played out of position.
    With so much hype around Taarbs, I fear that NW would prefer him as an offensive midfielder instead of Buzz.

  6. aj says:

    o akos, my akos
    why do you think he has not managed to persuade most of our managers to play him in his best position?

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