Signs are good for Hill appeal

Merry Christmas!

A fine display by Rangers today. Every player did his job, and Adel Taarabt’s job is the most fun, so him producing his best and grabbing all the headlines is, ironically, usually the sign of a good team performance.

Both sides having a man sent off helped QPR, and Taarabt in particular, as it opened up more space.

The decision to send off Alan Tate was spot-on – one of the best I’ve seen this season. In sneakily rubbing his elbow into someone’s face while moving them around, I think he felt he was being smart by elbowing but technically not elbowing, and got his comeuppance.

But that decision was as good as the one to send off Clint Hill was ridiculous.

Rangers are appealing against Hill’s dismissal. It means he can play against Coventry on Tuesday, and a verdict on whether to rescind the red card is due on Thursday.

If the appeal fails, Hill’s suspension will be increased, and after the game I spoke to a few QPR fans who were all resigned to that happening.

I’m not so sure. All the signs suggest the referee will look at a recording of the incident and admit he got the decision wrong. I’d be very surprised if Rangers’ appeal doesn’t succeed.

2 Responses to Signs are good for Hill appeal

  1. Allan Klo says:

    I didn’t see the elbow, even on the TV reruns.
    The Mail photographer got a decent shot though:

  2. It’s a good pic isn’t it! Think it’s a Press Association pic. Naughty from Tate.

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