Rangers have got it all back

Great scenes at Loftus Road yesterday. Let no-one say that ground isn’t fit for the Premier League.

The time for assessing QPR’s future and some aspects of the past will come, but for now all Rangers fans will be interested in is celebrating.

For the younger generation, promotion is magnificent for obvious reasons. For the older ones, in many ways this is as much the end of a journey as the start of one.

Ten years ago, with Rangers in administration and having just been relegated to the third tier after a defeat at Huddersfield, I stood on the side of the pitch listening to a hugely emotional Ian Holloway promise that the club would one day be back in the top flight.

Holloway said I could hold him to his comments, so I kept them, just in case they might seem poignant in the future.

I used a sentence or two for the local paper and a couple of the nationals, but other than that these words never saw the light of day. I stored them on file and always intended to reproduce them if the day arrived when Holloway’s words rang true.

Ten years on, that day has arrived. So, here they are…

“No words can do justice to how I feel. Devastated doesn’t even start to cover it. To have played for this great club in the premier division and see it now, in the third division for the first time since the 60s. It’s a tragedy. It breaks my heart. And to think how those QPR fans will feel, having come from what we had to this, here today. I feel sick. Absolutely sick. But let me tell you this: QPR will rise again. I promise you that. Like a phoenix, it will rise again. We’ve lost everything, but everything we’ve lost we’ll get back. Trust me on that. We’ll get it all back. Whether I’ll be the manager when that happens, I don’t know. I’d like to be. I can at least get the whole thing started. Believe me, I’ll be proved right. Remember me saying this. QPR will get back there again – back to how it was a few years ago and the years before that. Mark my words. Remember them. It will happen, I’m telling you. Everything we’ve lost, we will get back.”

16 Responses to Rangers have got it all back

  1. Olly says:

    That’s brilliant, thanks for sharing

  2. Jamie Mckenzie says:

    Superb. Absolutely superb. Here’s hoping that Blackpool stay up.

  3. Rooftop Cat says:

    What a magnificent statement by Holloway. It sounds like an oration from a Greek epic.

  4. Martin63 says:

    There have been times in the last 15 years where I didn’t even think we’d have a club come 2011, let along make a return to the Premiership. Here’s to capturing again what makes Rangers so special for so many people. A friendly London club that is not full of egos on or off the pitch, regularly in the top half of the top division and top London club on many occasions, playing entertaining football in a stadium that teams love to visit but which can also be a pretty daunting place to visit at times – “our cave” as the legendary Ian Holloway once so memorably described it.


  5. Finney says:

    I recall sitting round Robert Elms house me Joe Hilton,Steve Russell and Andrew Gloss and in that time we had to think of something to do to help save our club out came the buckets.
    The fans took the club back and they took it forward with a board at the time who failed to understand the mindset of our fans and the fact when the time came we stood up and were counted anyone who says where were you when you were shit out with buckets will be the comeback.

    That Huddersfield game broke my heart and soul in 90 mins of hell the drive back was woeful and vile some many dark days but at the same time our fan base was reborn and did we prove that Queen’s Park Rangers is the people’s club of West London.

    Good read Dave and real tear in the eye stuff thank you.

  6. BasingstokeR says:

    Good article Dave; love the Holloway comments

  7. Jim Latham says:

    God love Ian Holloway. When he came – courtesy of Gerry Francis, I could see he was a great team player – effective but never spectacular. As a manager he saved the integrity of the club and started us back. The management’s behaviour towards him was poor. Some of the fans’ reactions towards him was worse – we were’nt Barcelona – but Holloway was as decent a football personality as you can imagine. I really hope Blackpool evade the drop.

  8. Irish R says:

    Ian Holloway started the fightback with just seven players, and gradually built up a team and he finally got us a promotion. Neil Warnock has got that second piece of the jigsaw, a second promotion back to the Premier League where we belong. Both legendary figures in QPR history. Someone in the Club Shop put that quote on a t-shirt with a small image of Ian in his playing days when he wore the hoops, alongside the text, so that we can buy it. Mohandas karamchand Gandhi, another great legendary figure would have been proud of that text, don’t think he’s ever had a girl in a taxi though! So many people have contributed to finally getting the hoops back to where they are now over the last fifteen years, managers, players, those who put their hands in their pockets financially and especially the fans – QPR – A WONDERFUL UNIQUE HOOPED FAMILY.

  9. Hoops10 says:

    Great words from 1 honest man, be nice to be able to play Blackpool next year.
    Was there the day we got relegated,( Premiership) left at the whistle, didn’t realise till I was on the M3 that we’d been relegated, took my then 5 yr old son to his very first game that day, he’s now a 20 yr old giant, been too long time….

  10. Ian Royle says:

    Similar here, took my 6 year-old son to see us relegated against West Ham in only his second ever game, yesterday he was back as a 21-year old to see us make it back, alongt with me and his little brother. Fantastic words from Holloway.

  11. Smiffy says:

    The most sickening thing was those that turned against him and stabbed him in the back, we would still be in the 3rd or worse without him
    He is a Rangers Legend any one who says he is not is a fool

    Rangers fans Now have to reignite the “Our Cave” to survive in the Prem

    Thank you Olly, thank you.

  12. Dave webber says:

    Ian was a whole hearted player foe us and a good manager came from Bristol but loveds QPR with a passion I truely hope he keeps Blackpool up and that our first game back in the Prem is against Blackpool at home whene we can show him how muche we care for him also
    Warnock & Hollaway how reffreshing two down to earth Managers that wear the Hearts on there sleeves and send there teams out to play football and entertain

  13. victoria stacey says:

    went to loftus road on a whim one dank november saturday,in 1966,fell in love with them there and then.as every ‘r’s supporter knows following rangers is like being on a rollercoaster,so many ups and downs,so i am very happy that my two sons are at last able to celebrate,viva le rangers thankyou neil warnock and the players for a great season.

  14. qpr1976 says:

    You should forward that to Olly.
    I bet he’d enjoy seeing that again.

    If you do, wish him all the best from us R’s in his last 2 games, it would be great to lock horns again next year with him.

    I was so pleased they won the Playoff last year, and not just because they beat Cardiff.

    I’m sure he’ll have a comment in return.

  15. DanT says:

    Great archive work Dave! Classic Olly. Became a far better manager after leaving us and learning from his mistakes, but has kept that brilliantly infectious personality.

  16. Hi all, just catching up. Some great comments about Holloway – thanks very much.

    Tell you one thing: he’d have insisted on a parade!

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