“The German’s son” proves his worth

Interesting that Dan Shittu’s been given the chance to stay with QPR during pre-season and earn another contract. I must admit I didn’t expect that to happen.

Shittu and Pascal Chimbonda looked for all the world like short-term signings simply to get extra bodies in during the promotion run-in.

Chimbonda left the club in a huff weeks before Rangers’ announcement that he was among eight players being released now their contracts have expired, but fair play to Shittu for keeping his foot in the door.

One man who didn’t survive the cull was Josh Parker, who until fairly recently was firmly in Neil Warnock’s plans.

A number of clubs have been keeping tabs on Parker for some time – so the player won’t be short of options – but around a year ago, when there was some interest in signing him on loan, Warnock was adamant that he saw him as part of his first-team squad.

He did eventually end up having a loan spell at Northampton, which he cut short after being told he was not being selected for a game against Oxford.

When he was later loaned to Wycombe, he was still in Warnock’s thoughts; so much so the manager insisted on a recall option and would have called him back for January’s FA Cup game against Blackburn had Parker not got injured.

Those unproductive loan spells didn’t help Parker’s cause one bit, but I still think he can get a League One club – or at least a trial with one – if he knuckles down.

The importance of a successful loan has been underlined by the fact that Max Ehmer’s time at Yeovil has seen him secure a one-year extension to his QPR contract.

Much respect is due to Ehmer because he’s made his way despite some initial cynicism about him, given that he joined as a schoolboy when his father Val put money into QPR and was involved with people who were trying to take control of the club.

You can therefore imagine some of the whispers about young Max – not least because another youngster, Jack Perry, who was later released, was also taken on by the club (as an actual pro) around that time, and his father too was financially involved behind the scenes.

The decision to take on “the German’s son”, as I once heard him angrily referred to, was one of many issues that caused a bitter dispute at board level during an infamously acrimonious period. But it has proved to the right decision.

He can play. No doubt about it. I’ve liked the look of him both in midfield and when he’s switched to right-back.

And I’m not alone. During last year’s pre-season games scouts from various clubs were asking me about him and were more than impressed.

So good luck to the guy in the future. A good player worth keeping an eye out for.

5 Responses to “The German’s son” proves his worth

  1. HoopsyLoopy says:

    Josh Parker looking pacey & promising, was QPR’s Man of The Match in my opinion in the average-looking team that played Torquay on 16th July 2010.Champions by May? no chance!

    Any idea DM, the situation with Adam Francis,son of Gerry who’s been with QPR over 3 years,I think?..last I heard (2010) he was injured.

    ‘German’s son’?…hmm…who could have come up with a blatantly ignorant prejudiced comment like that? Nothing to do with Grand Prix AKA Great Passes or Fabulously Bronzed AKA Fully Booked?

  2. John says:

    David… I know it doesn’t refer to your article above, but I’m not on twitter so can tweet for your opinion but I did want to ask you what you made of Ben Kosky’s article today?

    • John says:

      Sorry… I’ve just seen on your tweets that you don’t comment on what others write. You can delete the previous if you wish.

  3. Hi Hoopsy, to be fair Max was taken on by the club well before the Briatote era.

    Hi John. I usually say I don’t comment as a polite way of saying something’s inaccurate! I know Ben well and he wouldn’t mind me commenting on what he writes. I agree with his basic argument although I think to slate Briatore and Ecclestone, while justified, deflects from the damage done to that once-fine club in the 2 years before the current owners arrived. As I constantly say about QPR, it’s a 2005 thing not a 2007 thing.

    Ben feels he’s reached the end of the line as a fan, and doesn’t want to set foot in the place anymore even in a professional capacity. I’m still looking to continue my QPR-related work for the time being at least, but respect Ben’s stance and understand his reasons.

  4. Dan says:

    I was amazed to play against Jack Perry in a kick about in the old astroturf pitches at Swiss Cottage after work one evening. He turned up looking for a kick about in full QPR training kit. He said he was a pro, but it was difficult to believe considering he was playing with us.

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