RIP Ronald Bunyan

I was sad to hear last week that Ron Bunyan, a great servant of QPR, has passed away.

Ron helped out in the press room on matchdays for a number of years until he and others were told during the Briatore era that their services were no longer required.

Some of us in the press pushed for them to be reinstated and it seemed at first we had succeeded, but the guys were later replaced for good – although in any case Ron was forced to support Rangers from home because of poor health.

As well as the press room, Ron was a regular at Rangers’ training ground, where he often helped out too. In fact he started working at QPR as a steward in 1948 and performed several roles over the years.

Ron loved Rangers and was never slow to make his feelings clear – usually using only one or two words – to us after a bad result.

He would always ask me for my press passes after matches as he liked to give them to his grandchild.  He leaves two grandchildren, a daughter and his wife, Barbara.

When I started covering games, the press room often seemed a very intimidating place for a youngster starting out. Having a few friendly and soon-familiar faces like Ron’s around really helped me, and for that I’ve always been grateful.

RIP Ron.

3 Responses to RIP Ronald Bunyan

  1. JimF says:

    Sad news. A lovely bloke and a proper R.


  2. QPROlly says:

    RIP Ron. Nice brief eulogy,DMac.I love your phrase: ‘..never slow to make his feelings clear – usually using only one or two words – to us after a bad result.’
    We all know where Ron was coming from there.
    A proper R as JimF puts it above.

  3. JohnMacQPR says:

    In my middle teenage years, I was fortunate enough to get a Saturday job as a telephone runner with the Hayters Sports Agency. My boss was always good enough to consider me for Rangers homes games, and Ron’s was one of the first regular faces I knew at Loftus Road. A kind, caring man, so very helpful to all. A genuinely sad loss to the wider QPR family. Rest In Peace, Ron.

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