Tiger Feet – a great cause worth supporting

I don’t update this blog much these days. In fact, I’ve only done so a few times since asking for support for Tiger Feet 3 a year ago.

Then, as always, QPR fans didn’t let me down. So here I am again.

For those who don’t know, the now once-a-season Tiger Feet event is a sponsored walk to raise money for the QPR Tiger Cubs – Rangers’ team for children with Down’s Syndrome – and takes place this weekend, when a group of us will walk from Loftus Road to the Emirates Stadium.

Our previous walks have been from Loftus Road to Selhurst Park, Vicarage Road and White Hart Lane. The direct walk to Arsenal would be shorter than the others, so we’re taking a longer route that will work out at around 10 miles.

The idea of a sponsored walk came from my good mate and QPR fan James Doe and was inspired by the fact that our friend and former BBC colleague Chris Charles’ daughter, Lois, has Down’s.

I’ve come across a few people who think I’m behind the whole thing. I’m not. My only contribution has been to nod my head in agreement that it was a good idea and then turn up on the walks, the previous three of which I’ve found really enjoyable in so many ways.

It was all set up by James, Chris and the QPR Community Trust – whose awe-inspiring work is a credit to the club – with other Rangers fans since becoming involved.

On average, previous walks have raised around £10,000. So far this year’s total stands at a more modest £1,300. It would be great if we could bump that up a bit.

The Tiger Cubs is a truly magnificent cause and without getting all Lenny Henry about it, your money, really and truly, would have a genuine effect on families’ lives.

As well as giving the kids a chance to have fun and develop their confidence and social skills, it’s also a source of support for their parents, which is important too.

Past money raised means the Trust has been able expand from one to three training sessions a week, while paying for new kit and the hiring of venues.

And it’s about more than football. The financial support has also led to the introduction of educational workshops. including cooking and street dancing.

So if you do have a few quid to spare, it would be fantastic and very much appreciated if you could sponsor us by clicking here.

You can also read Chris’ article about Tiger Feet on West London Sport by clicking here or click here to read his blog about the Tiger Cubs from 2010 on the BBC Sport website, which includes a video of the kids in action.

Right, I’m off to put my feet up in preparation for tomorrow and hope one or two people have improved their banter since the last walk.

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