Tiger Feet 5: Your help needed for a wonderful cause

I don’t get time to update this blog much these days. In fact I’ve barely done so in between the last two years’ Tiger Feet walks. When I posted about them before the response was fantastic and I know it’s a cause that’s become close to many QPR fans’ hearts. 

Well, Tiger Feet 5 takes place on Saturday, when some of us will walk from Loftus Road to The Valley, where QPR play Charlton.

For those who don’t know, this sponsored walk raises money for the QPR Tiger Cubs – a team for children with Down’s syndrome.

I’ve come across a few people who were under the impression that Tiger Feet was my idea. It wasn’t! The idea came from my friend and former BBC colleague James Doe (also creator of the hugely popular Non-League Day) and was inspired by the fact that our friend Chris Charles, who also worked at the BBC with us, has a daughter with Down’s.

My only involvement has been to agree it was a good idea when James suggested it and to turn up on the walks. That’s it. James and Chris approached QPR’s Community Trust and between them they organised a walk to Crystal Palace in 2010. There have since been walks to Watford, Tottenham and Arsenal.

Since the relatively small number of us walked to Selhust, the event has grown every year and this weekend the group will be bigger than ever. And this time there are also QPR FC staff walking as well as the usual Tiger Feet stalwarts from the Community Trust.

Because of that, the event has been publicised this year more than ever and I very much doubt anyone reading this won’t now be aware of Saturday’s walk.

If you’re able to sponsor us – perhaps you’ve been meaning to get round to it and haven’t – I really can’t overstate how much it would be appreciated and how much of a difference your money would make.

I can vouch for the fantastic work the QPR In The Community Trust, led by the brilliant Andy Evans, do, and also for the positive impact donations to Tiger Feet in recent years have made.

It really does so much in terms of developing the kids’ social skills and confidence, and it’s invaluable to their parents too.

Past money raised means the Trust has been able expand from one to three training sessions a week, while paying for new kit and the hiring of venues.

And it’s about more than football. The financial support has also led to the introduction of educational workshops. including cooking and street dancing.

So if you’re able to spare some money for this truly fantastic cause, it would be greatly appreciated. You can sponsor us by clicking here.

You can also read a previous West London Sport article by Chris about Tiger Feet by  clicking here or click here to read his blog about the Tiger Cubs from 2010 on the BBC Sport website, which includes a video of the kids in action.

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