A bit about me

I’m the creator of the West London Sport website and also work for numerous newspapers and agencies.

During 12 years freelancing for all and sundry, my ‘main’ job was at the BBC until the department’s recent relocation to Manchester.

After thinking about the quickest way to waste my redundancy payment, West London Sport was what I came up with. In fact it was an idea I’d wanted to develop for many years and after leaving the BBC it was a case of now or never.

I’ve covered many clubs but have spent most of my time reporting on QPR for the national and local media, through administration, takeovers, failed takeovers, managerial and boardroom shenanigans – you name it.

Much of what I’ve written during that time – especially the best bits – has appeared under no name or other people’s. Don’t ask.

Some of it has disappeared from t’internet or was never online (cos I’m that old).

A selection of some of the thousands of other bits of nonsense I’ve served up over the last decase or so can be found by clicking here. (Much thanks to QPR Report and Dave Barton for their help with that).

Incidentally, bar play-off and promotion editions of local papers, I’ve never kept my printed articles. But I’ve been trying to get hold of one or two pieces I did in the summer of 2005, suggesting the infamous boardroom battle was brewing. There are no spare copies and it wasn’t online. If anyone can help with this, please let me know!


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